The Fall's Jamie Dornan says he "relished" playing another "dark" character in Death and Nightingales

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"If they're showing goodness, do we believe that that is sincere?"

Jamie Dornan has played his fair share of dark characters during his career, and it seems he isn't getting tired of it at all.

In fact, the actor has admitted that he "relished" the opportunity to play another menacing role as Liam Ward in new BBC series Death and Nightingales, where he reunites with The Fall writer Allan Cubitt.

"Allan has a great ability to bring out the most intriguing aspects of a character," the Fifty Shades actor said at a Q&A. "There's a lot about Liam that is hard to work out and you have many questions – I like playing characters like that.

"If they are showing goodness or kindness on the screen or on the page, are we meant to believe that that is sincere, or is there something behind that? I love the idea of playing that.

"And there is so much of that in Liam, and the manipulation, the darkness he possesses is something that I relish, and I think a lot of actors relish... The way he was sculpted felt like the way I wanted him to be."

Earlier this month, we got our first proper look at the new BBC series, which is adapted from the 1992 Eugene McCabe novel.

The story follows Beth Winters (Ann Skelly), who on her 25th birthday decides to join the charming Liam Ward (Dornan) and run away from her hard life with her Protestant landowner stepfather Billy (Matthew Rhys).

Death and Nightingales begins on Wednesday (November 28) at 9pm on BBC Two.


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