16th May 2022
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Author: Aerial Systems Editorial

Image showing an Aerial Systems Wi-Fi extender installation at a location in Chichester.

Extending the reach of your Wi-Fi

Are you having problems getting a Wi-Fi signal around your home or office, or even in a yard or garden?

Then a Wi-Fi extender, also referred to as a range expander, is probably the answer. We were asked recently to install a weatherproof Wi-Fi extender at a location in Chichester, to boost the signal strength and, expand the network reach to those dark corners at the extreme limits of a standard wireless router’s range.

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BBC to launch their own cooking show?

A lot has happened in the past week over in Great British Bake Off land.

First off, the infamous BBC cooking show – that racks in millions of viewers every episode -announced that the programme will be moving to Channel 4. Shortly after, Mel and Sue made all our hearts break when they announced that they’re quitting the show.

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